Child custody and divorce matters are frequently very taxing on clients and their attorneys. Because such disputes involve family members and their children, they can be extremely strenuous, both emotionally and mentally. While you may desire a speedy and painless process, the other side may not be cooperative. The experienced attorneys at Yoder & Jessup P.C. are compassionate and understanding while remaining fully prepared to fight for you.

Family law matters are decided by local trial courts but often involve alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation and arbitration or negotiated settlements directly between the parties. In such cases, the parties are generally free to reach an agreement that resolves all or a portion of the issues, such as custody, child support, parenting time, and/or division of assets. A knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated family law attorney is needed to protect your interests and advise on possible alternatives that may help the parties find a practical resolution.

Altogether, Family law involves many different proceedings and issues, from divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage), change of custody or parenting time, child support and post-secondary education expenses, establishment of paternity, and/or Child in Need of Services (CHINS) or other Department of Child Services (DCS or “CPS”) investigations or proceedings. Each case is unique and the varying and complicated legal issues can be overwhelming, especially when your spouse and/or children are involved.

For instance, many non-custodial parents do not know that, under the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, they have the option to exercise additional parenting time whenever the custodial parent requires child care services from someone outside the home. Additionally, the father of a child born outside of marriage often has no parental rights without the opening an action to establish legal paternity.

Serving the counties of Noble, SteubenLaGrange, DeKalb, and the surrounding area, our family law attorney in Auburn is prepared to formulate a plan of action that can help to ease the burden, clear the legal confusion, and aggressively seek resolution of these tough issues.

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