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We understand that issues with the law can not only affect you but also your family and friends. That’s why our attorneys in Kendallville, Indiana want to help you get through this difficult time quickly and successfully. Our attorneys have over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of legal matters. Our lawyers and attorneys always continue to learn and grow as they practice in order to stay up to date on all legal matters. Our practice evolves as times change.

When you have to hire a lawyer, you have to trust they will do the job correctly. We have heard many horror stories of other attorneys and law firms scamming people. We will not do that. Here, our attorneys in Kendallville, Indiana at Yoder & Jessup take all the experience we have and will use it to your advantage. You can ask us questions whenever you have them and if we don’t have the answer then, we will get the answer for you as soon as we can. Never be hesitant to ask us a question!

Our attorneys in Angola, Indiana work in many different legal fields. Through our experience, we have dealt with business matters, family matters, elder law, personal injury cases, and so much more. Even if you have a legal question about an area of law we haven’t worked with, we will find the answers for you to help you through the process. Explore our website to find out more about the areas of law we cover as well as our attorneys.

We take pride in serving the Northeast Indiana region for the past 50 years. We have seen what this community has to offer and we want to continue helping the residents with all their legal matters. Call our experienced attorneys in Angola, Indiana today if you have any questions about legal matters!

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