Monthly Archives: June 2022

Five Things You Should Know About Visitation Rights

Perhaps you're getting divorced and have children with your spouse. Perhaps you've never been married to your ex, but the two of you share children together. Either way, you may feel overwhelmed as you learn about child custody and visitation rights. Custody is an emotional issue. You of course want to be the best parent [...]


Are You Considering a Divorce?

Divorce can be a stressful experience, no matter who you are. According to the National Association of Divorce Professionals, an estimated 60% of divorces happen between ages 25 to 39. One of the most challenging decisions you will ever make is whether to divorce your spouse. Family law proceedings are lengthy and expensive. They can [...]

How To Prepare for A Custody Hearing

When you decide to get divorced and you have children, it becomes more complicated. In most cases, both parents fight to spend as much time with their children. Things may become even tenser when you discuss holidays and special events. Unfortunately, it often works out in favor of the mother. According to, about 90% [...]

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