Property and Probate

Whether you’re buying a new home and need input from real estate attorneys, or have inherited a home and need probate attorneys to provide assistance, we can give appropriate aid to ensure the legal side of the property transfer proceeds smoothly. If you need legal help with any matter relating to wills, trusts, and estates, ask for our wills and estates lawyers to look into the issue. Our probate attorneys can provide timely assistance when it’s needed. We also have estate planning lawyers who offer advice on ensuring the appropriate distribution of your assets in the future. We also provide representation in Medicaid planning and Guardianship cases.

Family Law

Sadly it’s not just criminal defense lawyers that are necessary in contemporary legal practice – divorce lawyers or the services of child custody lawyers are also frequently required. Remember that getting the right assistance early on in the process can often maximize the chances of getting the outcome you desire, so don’t delay in seeking advice from our Kendallville, Indiana, based practice.

Full Spectrum of Legal Services in Northeast Indiana

Our rounded and multifaceted practice provides a one-stop solution to the majority of issues that local clients face. In addition to the services indicated above, our skilled and experienced team offers support on elder law, expungement and restoration of civil rights, and has personal injury attorneys readily available should you be the victim of an accident. To use our criminal defense lawyers or access our friendly, supportive service on another matter, call us at (800) 545-6453.

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