Indiana’s Parenting Relocation Guidlines Have Changed in 2019

If you are a parent in the State of Indiana, you are required to follow the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. The main message in these guidelines is that children should grow up with contact from both parents that is “frequent, meaningful, and continuing.” Each parent must be aware that the children in a separated household are likely to have special needs and the problems that often follow when, for instance, the mother and father do not live together. That awareness is the main focus of the Indiana Guidelines, which are intended to ensure more “responsible parenting” and to increase awareness that children whose parents are separated will often have many special needs. For instance, scheduling parenting time when two households are involved can be an especially difficult problem. (Parents in a separated household who have questions about what is required under the Guidelines should consult a child custody attorney or family law attorney.) 

In recognition of the problems that may develop when parents are separated, on July 1, 2019, a major change was made to the Guidelines to ensure more meaningful and effective parenting by both individuals. Under the old law, if either parent moved away (even just across the street), he or she was required by registered mail to inform the other parent of where and when. This directive was often ignored and, therefore, contact between parents and child was either lost or disrupted.  

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With the new Guidelines, the person who is seeking child custody, parenting time, or visitation rights must keep anyone, including those who already have all these, advised of his or her location. This includes address, telephone number, and electronic mail addresses. All information must be in writing.


The Guidelines are very specific about what a relocating parent can and cannot do in regard to keeping in touch with his or her child. A parent who moves more than 20 miles from his or her current location and from the parent who is not moving is required to file notice of the move either 14 days after making the decision or 30 days before the move actually takes place. Notification of the move must be given to those people who have custody or visitation rights. In some cases, such as a move that is less than 20 miles away, a relocation notice may not be required. (A family law attorney or child custody attorney can explain any changes to the new Guidelines.)

The purpose of these changes is to ensure that parents follow the original intent of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Both parents should help to ensure that their actions contribute to the well being and development of their children.

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