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Family legal matters can be emotionally draining and legally difficult to navigate. In cases where children are involved, the personal and legal complexities multiply. That is why it is imperative to involve a divorce and family law attorney in Auburn Indiana that is understanding and compassionate while helping you navigate your case. With the right advocate in your corner, you get more than a family or divorce attorney but someone who has a thorough understanding of the law as it pertains to your unique situation.  

 Because no two legal cases are the same, your attorney must be a solid litigator and negotiator. Similarly, it’s important for the process to be as fast and painless as possible so you can move forward with your life. Moving on is the direct result of securing the best possible outcome in the matter. Reaching a sound conclusion in the matter is what our attorneys fight for every day and it starts with listening to and educating the client. 

 What Is Family and Divorce Law? 

 Family and divorce matters go hand-in-hand, as there are matters like spousal support and child custody. However, the family aspect can cover much more, ranging from paternity issues to post-divorce matters. 

 The following is a list of issues that fall under this area of the law: 


  • Divorce 
  •  Post Divorce Decree Modifications of Child Custody, Parenting Time, & Child Support 
  •  Relocation/Moving with a Child 
  •  Post-Secondary Education (college and university) 
  •  Establishment of Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time, & Child Support 
  •  Tax Exemption 
  •  Contempt and Enforcement of Court Orders 
  • Protective Orders 
  •  Emancipation 
  •  Grandparents’ Rights/Grandparent Visitation 


There are different ways in which these matters are handled, as it is in the best interest of everyone to use the most efficient and effective methods. For instance, alternative dispute resolution like mediation, arbitration, and negotiated settlements, are frequently used instead of trial courts. The court process takes more time and costs more money. By utilizing methods that allow the parties to negotiate in front of a neutral mediator, mutually agreeable outcomes can be met. 

 The Legal Guidance You Need for your Auburn, IN Family Law Matters

 Alternative dispute resolution is frequently used to solve issues involving child support, child custody, parenting time, and division of assets. During this process, your attorney will keep you advised on alternatives and other critical areas that come about during the process so your interests are protected.  

 If alternative dispute resolution isn’t an option or is unsuccessful, the case lands in the hands of the court. When this occurs, your Auburn Indiana family and divorce lawyer fights for your interests in the courtroom. Nonetheless, unlike mediation or a similar negotiation method, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the family court judge. He or she will determine custody, support, asset division, and other factors involved in your case. This makes the litigation skills of your attorney more important than ever because of the increased possibility that you won’t get exactly what you want. The judge needs to be convinced as to why a certain outcome is fair. If the judge isn’t presented information in a clear and concise way, he or she will make decisions based on their perception of what is right for everyone in the case even if it isn’t. 

 Overall, family legal matters involve many issues apart from divorce. Even after the dissolution of a marriage, there are issues that can come about that include post-secondary education expenses, child support modification, custody modification, or revisions in parenting time. A Child in Need of Services (CHINS), involving an investigation on the well-being of a child, is another matter that can come about. These are difficult areas to navigate alone, which is why we are here to help. 

 An example of a complex situation is this: A child is born outside of marriage, which means the father has no parental rights without an action to establish legal paternity. In this case, a paternity test is needed if the mother doesn’t officially declare the man as the father. Once paternity is established, he can petition for parenting time. If the custodial parent requires childcare outside of the home at a daycare facility, the non-custodial parent has the right to exercise more parenting time. 

 With legal guidance from our firm, no stone is left unturned because we want what is best for you and your family. We look at the big picture to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached, which is a testament to our dedication to every client. 


Committed Auburn, IN Family Law and Divorce Attorney 

 We take pride in the fact that people in the Auburn Indiana area turn to us to handle their family legal matters and divorces. Even in the case of a collaborative divorce where couples work together to reach an outcome, we can provide advice that helps the matter run as smoothly as possible. There is no case too small or too complex for us because of our experience and skill. Even when there is a significant amount of conflict in a case, it is our goal to reduce the stress on you as much as possible. We understand how high emotions can run and what needs to be done to reduce the emotional strain on your life. This is knowledge we’ve gained through experience. 


Work with an Auburn, IN Divorce Attorney Who Takes a Strategic Approach 

 Our experience has also taught us about the many factors that contribute to stress in a case. This is why we take a strategic and methodical approach from the very start. We look at every detail of your case and help you walk a path you can feel good about. During such a difficult time, you don’t need preventable setbacks. Instead, we tell you what to expect. If there are several possible outcomes, we will review them with you. When you’re faced with decisions, we can tell you where each one could lead. By being well-informed, you make educated decisions that make you comfortable rather than uneasy. We want you to have confidence in us and our proven ability to fight for a positive outcome. 


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