Elder law encompasses a variety of legal topics. This includes Medicaid applications, estate planning through wills and trusts, the administration of trusts and probating wills, asset preservation through proper structuring of resources, nursing home issues, long-term disability, court-appointed guardianships for the incompetent or disabled, and more. Often, the interaction of these elder law issues creates a web that can be difficult to navigate. A good elder law attorney can greatly reduce the burden and assist in clarifying and navigating the elder law wilderness.

Have you ensured your assets are protected should you face a serious illness or deteriorating health? Have you made provision for the distribution your assets in the event of your death? Have your loved ones taken steps to ensure you are able to get them the care or asset protection they may need? If not, the capital gained through a lifetime of hard work may be at risk.

Are you or a loved one facing the possibility of needing long-term care in a nursing home? Not sure whether you are eligible to apply for Medicaid? Begun a Medicaid application only to be overcome by the regulations and mountains of paperwork?

The elder law attorneys and Yoder & Jessup P.C. can help. Whether applying for Medicaid; planning your estate through a will, a trust, power of attorney, or healthcare representative; or a seeking a guardianship to protect a loved one, we can help. We seek to guide elderly clients and their loved ones through the complicated legal issues and financial pitfalls that come with growing older while preserving our clients’ personal and financial independence for as long as possible.

With the growing costs healthcare, nursing home care in Northeast Indiana may cost you or your loved one in excess of $6,000 per month. And with the average life expectancy on the rise, most individuals do not have the means to afford such care. And those that do, face the possibility of losing the assets they have accrued over a lifetime of work. Serving the counties of Noble, SteubenLaGrange, DeKalb, and the surrounding area, our experienced and skilled attorneys can help protect your assets and ease the burden on you and your loved ones.

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